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A Pixie's Promise

  • A Pixie's Promise

Book 2 in the Enchanted Kitchen series by Dianna Sanchez
Middle grade fantasy | 250pp | ISBN: 978-1-940924-34-2

Petunia's tired of being overlooked just because she's six inches tall.
She gets lost at home among her gazillion brothers, sisters, and cousins, and her own parents don't remember her name. When her best friend, Millie, offers a vacation at her house, Petunia jumps at the chance. Cooking for Millie’s witch of a mother and babysitting a tree should be easy, right? But when an epidemic of spickle pox hits the Enchanted Forest, and Millie's mother comes down with a mysterious illness, Petunia must pitch in to brew cures as quickly as she can, even if that means using up all her pixie dust. It's a good thing she has friends to help.